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MVT Productions, Pasted Photo's.

MVT Productions, Pasted Photo’s.

here are some photos from the boss man’s cell phone, they go back a few months.  I’m also testing out a new way for us to share on our social network, so I figured these photos will be a good test.

MVT-green screen on location This part of a documentary we are working on I’m not sure which interview this is, there has been many.

MVT - Event services Corporate event at LAX in January.

Event production - Switching the event live Live HD Switch of the event.

MVT - Fasion Show AV setup for a Fashion Show in Beverley Hills,

Fashion Show Stage Fashion Show Cat Walk.

MVT Lighted Steps Here are our lighted stage steps at work.

MVT Still Photo Shot of artwork. Taking Photos of Taking Photos, We were shooting, photo of an artist artwork, for their catalog.

Lighted set pieces Lighted set pieces, as we tested them in studio.

Enjoy, MVT

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