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YouTube Opened Live-streaming to everyone

YouTube Opened Live-streaming to everyone

YouTube - Live-streaming

YouTube has been offering live-streaming, to select users with 1,000 subscribers and non-profit originations for some time now.

As of today, anyone can be a live broadcaster on YouTube, That is if they have activated on your account yet. I’m still waiting for my accounts to be activated.


According to YouTube –

Over the next few weeks, any YouTube channel that is verified and in good standing will be able to live stream videos. The Google-based server announced this change and innovation on their blog.

Here’s what to look for:

YouTube users will be able to see if they have access to this new feature by checking the “Live Events” tab in their video manager function on the YouTube channel.

Google also announced that now users can launch a Google+ Hangout with a live-stream directly from the YouTube events manager section. Before this was not possible through the social network, Google+.

The live-stream roll out will be starting within the next few weeks. No word on which accounts will receive the live-streaming capabilities first.

Do you have it?


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