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Film and Video Production Services

Production Services

Film and Video Production Services

MVT video production services

If you’re looking for HD video production at the right price, you’ve come to the right place!

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MVT Productions uses only the latest technology in video equipment to produce your project. Footage can be transferred directly to our non-linear editing system without generation loss. This means that everything we produce looks as good coming out of the system as it does going in.

We can energize your project with special effects. Using advanced video services, we can create 3D logos or animations, eye catching titles, graphics and effects, green-screen composting and much more.

Whether you need:

Television Shows and Commercials
MVT Productions
broadcast services, include the development and productions of television shows, DRTV – infomercial’s and commercial ads. We can produce broadcast content that meets industry standards without breaking your bank.

Corporate Videos
We are experts when it comes to corporate video production, whether you want to motivate employees, build clientele or expand your business.

Video Testimonials
The creditability of a testimonial is good as the person that gives it. Seeing the actual people speaking on your behalf adds third-party validation and helps make their message real and creditable.

Training Videos
Training videos are an effective way to train your staff. Talking to your staff using the language, environment, equipment and procedures they’re used to results in an effective video that accomplishes your goals, increasing productivity, maximizing potential, increasing sales, promoting safety, increasing quality.

Educational Videos
Educational videos that are long and drawn out can quickly put audiences asleep. We work with your educators to present your material in a way that will engage your audience and hold their attention while teaching them the required material.

Promotional Videos
We know how to direct your message to be the most effective for your clients. Utilizing the latest in digital editing, 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics, we can make your video reach out and grab your audience.

Video Brochures
The cost of the design and creation of a multi-page, four color brochure can easily run to several thousand dollars. But a properly produced five- or ten-minute video can sell your product or service more efficiently. Video brochures improves recall, generates a bigger response and encourages buying because the message is easier to understand.

Industrial Training
These videos effectively and dramatically help your employees practice workplace safety; meet OSHA compliance requirements; and improve operations and human resource training for employee development initiatives.

Sales Videos
Teach your salespeople the skills they need to improve their ability to sell. By helping your sales force to gain effective sales techniques, you can grow your organization with consistently higher sales and greater profit.

Product Demonstrations
Seeing is believing! A video can demonstrate how a product is used–especially if the product cannot be taken to the customer due to variables such as size or safety. Video can also demonstrate how a product compares to the competition.

Trade Show Displays
Stop foot traffic at your booth! You only have seconds to grab the attention of attendees as they pass by your booth. An eye-catching video helps stop more people and increase your success at the show. With an effective video your trade show display is working every second of the show.

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