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Author your next multimedia CD or DVD project at MVT Productions.

DVD and CD Services

Author your next multimedia CD or DVD project at MVT Productions. Multimedia CDs and DVDs are excellent media for content delivery.

Our authoring systems produce professional multimedia CD and DVD titles that look and perform like studio releases. Streamlined navigation, user experience, and content management are all products of quality authoring.

Our state-of-the-art hardware and software take advantage of all the features of multimedia CD and DVD formats including:

Capturing the highest quality uncompressed video from any format
Utilizing 5.1 surround sound
Producing subtitles and closed captions
Creating multiple angles and multiple sound tracks (languages)
Providing wide screen (16 x 9), slide shows web linking.

DVD and CD Authoring Services

MVT offers creative multimedia design using industry-leading applications. While our graphics artist can create all the assets for you, we value your input. Many of the projects we create incorporate assets provided by our clients or from their own graphic artists. In these instances our team works with your artist to insure that the all assets meet standards for multimedia CD or DVD specifications to ensure your multimedia CD or DVD will operate properly.

MVT can author a multimedia CD or DVD for any size, whether it’s a 30-second CD holding a 30-second movie file plus a PDF and word document, or a larger production run of DVDs holding hours of video and extras. Multimedia CD or DVD authoring services can range from the simple to the complex and from text-based menus to fully interactive navigation, complete with images, motion and sound.

All DVD projects, from straight play transfers to complex titles, receive the same close attention to video and audio quality. All projects are MPEG-2 video encoded and Dolby or DTS audio encoded with 5.1 surround sound.

MVT can encode from almost any SD and HD video format including: Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DVCAM, DV, S-VHS, VHS, Digital-8, Hi-8, and 3/4”. We can also accept your pre-produced 5.1 surround sound file.

CD and DVD manufacturing

MVT Productions has built a partnership with the leading CD and DVD manufacturing house in Orange County . This partnership allows us to provide our clients with a finished product that meets MVT High Quality Standards at a reasonable price.


We save time and money with an in-house Glass Mastering Lab. This allows us to turn around glass masters in 48 hours instead of 5-7 days, which eliminates external dependencies that could affect your production run and increase your costs.

With the latest in glass mastering technologies, our high production capacity ensures that deadlines for your CD and DVD runs will be met.

CD and DVD Replication

Our high tech production lines are enclosed in a dust-free clean environment in accordance with Phillips and Sony standards.

In addition to regular disks, we are also the preferred source for CD business cards, 80mm mini-disks, shaped CD ROM discs, and “die cut” CD ROM discs. We pride ourselves on leading-edge quality, turnaround time, quality control and capacity.


We offer both screen printing and offset printing services up to 6 colors. Our new offset printing lines produce photo-quality printing for your CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs. The quality has to be seen to be believed.

Your artwork files are checked, and CMYK colors are confirmed with our clients before we create positive film for screen printing or negative film for offset printing. If you prefer, we can print a digital proof or a match print before full-run printing commences.


Our Packaging Department combines both automated packaging lines and manual packaging lines that offer cost-effective packaging solutions ranging from simple sleeve insertion to complex P.O.S. displays.

Our all-in-one lines can assemble jewel cases, insert the cover and tray artwork, insert the disk and shrink wrap the finished product without having to change lines or use multiple machines, which speeds up the production process.

CD and DVD Duplication

Duplicating your master with our multiple disc burners system using a semi-automatic process is a cost-effective, short turnaround alternative for replicating small-quantity runs. Using a special color ink jet printer, we can print directly onto the printable disc to give you a professional looking product.

We now offer the latest advancement in media printing: Water Shield discs. These discs deliver a glossy looking product on a water-resistant disc. In the past this look and capability was limited to larger and costly production runs of silk screened and offset printed disks.

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