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Video editing services in orange county

Video Editing Service’s in Orange County

With High Definition becoming the format of choice, MVT Productions state of the art editing facilities are equipped to handle all of your Post Production needs.

Video Editing Service’s in Orange County:

MVT’s has 5 non-linear standard and high definition edit bays to handle all of your post production work. Based on latest Apple MacPro and G5 computers our systems are capable of holding up to hundreds hours of high definition footage. Featuring AJA Kona 2 and Kona 3 Video Board we can capture your video in the highest quality available. Our editing bays are loaded with the best software from Apple and Adobe.

MVT’s editors have years of experience and are well versed on editing as well as color correction, graphics and animation. We also have a large library of music, graphics from Digital Juice, animation and stock footage to save help save you time and money in the edit bay.

We also capture and output to most broadcast formats including: Sony HDV, JVC HDV, Digibeta, Beta SP, DVCam, DV, Mini DV, DVD, VHS and Hi8
Additional format available upon request: HDCAM, DVCPROHD, and DVCPRO.

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