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MVTPRO INC - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Services and Rentals

(“Customer”) agrees to pay MVTPRO INC (“MVT”) in full at the completion of services or delivery of “Product” shall include but not limited to tape(s), DVD(s), CD(s), film(s) and or any other deliverable form of item as described on reverse hereof. The prices to be charged for “Services” shall include but not limited to Facilities, Labor, Rentals, Services and Material supplied by MVT will be as set forth on the Service and Rental invoice. Customer shall pay all sale, shipping, use, manufacturing, and any other taxes or charges imposed by any governmental body in connection with the Services provided by MVT. If the client request, MVT furnishes the client with Services in addition to those listed on the service and rental invoice, MVT will bill for those service in addition to the service and rental invoice.

MVT prices are never proportionate to the value of the media and or the other client property entrusted to it. Customer’s property which is received, processed or stored, by MVT is at the customer’s risk, and MVT dose not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to such material from any cause whatsoever. Customer should, therefore, insure products delivered to MVT against all risk. In no event, including negligence or gross negligence of MVT, shall MVT be liable for the loss or damage of any material delivered to it by or for customer for any amount in excess of the replacement value of the blank media which is of the same type involved.

MVT will exercise reasonable care and will exert its best efforts to produce high quality work, but dose not make any warranty nor does it assume and responsibility as to the character or quality of the material of service to be furnished, MVT shall no be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever due to delays of failure in performance caused directly or indirectly by Acts of God, strikes, fire, failure of transportation agencies, public enemy, the elements, war insurrection, shortage of labor or material, government regulations, damage or accident to machinery or equipment, electric power or other utility failure, injury or damage to, or loss of materials, delivered to MVT by customer, or any other cause.

Customer shall hold MVT and associate harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, cost, liabilities and expense in connection with any services provided my MVT. Customer shall reimburse MVT for any damage to or destruction of any equipment, facilities, or media provided by MVT.

Customer warrants that it is either the sole owner of or has obtained the rights to use all media and the material delivered to MVT. MVT may refuse to provide service without incurring any liability, which MVT is its solo discretion, deems unlawful, pornographic, degrading or which it deems as tending to incite prejudice or passion.

MVT agrees to rent their equipment in accordance with the following stipulation:
1. The customer herby assumes all responsibility for any and all damages of loss to said equipment and agrees to pay all cost of repairs it is rendered out of service though accident misuse or neglect.
2. in case of loss or destruction of equipment of loss of possession thereof, or inability to return equipment to MVT, the customer aggress to pay said MVT complete and full current replacement cost of the equipment.
3. Customer further agrees to allow free access to equipment for purpose of service or removal and guarantees to allow MVT to enter customers premise at any time to service equipment and reclaim equipment upon completion of contracted rental period.
4. MVT retains all title and rights to equipment and accessories and is held free for any liens or attachments, which may occur while equipment is in possession of customer.
5. The customer declares to have received the equipment in good operating condition.
6. It is agreed that MVT assumes no liability for any loss, property damage or personal injuries received in conjunction with the operation or transportation of said equipment.
7. Customer agrees to use equipment in according with the operation manual or instructions to and further agrees to notify MVT of any interruption of service or damage or failure of equipment.

Media Storage
MVT will store customer’s projects on our hard drives for a minimum of 45 days from start of project free of charge. MVT may charge storage fees on projects that are stored for more then 45 days. MVT offers 4 different storage plans.
1. Standard Storage Plan– A month to month plan, which continues to stored project data on an active MVT Hard Drives.
2. Extended Storage Plan – A ½ year (6 months) plan, which continues to stored project data on an active MVT Hard Drives.
3. Shared Storage Plan – is a 1 year (12 months) plan, which will store project data on an inactive shared MVT Hard Drives.
4. Dedicated Storage Plan – is a permanent plan, which will store project data on an inactive dedicated MVT Hard Drives.

MVT will be held harmless from any lost of data, do from deletion, file corruption or disk failure. Customers understands that hard drive storage is at customers own risk. Hard drive is for convenience and is not a save form of back-up or mastering. Rates: Standard Storage Plan $35 a month, Extended Storage Plan $180 every 6 months, Shared Storage Plan $310 every 12 months, Dedicated Storage Plan $500.

Terms of Payment
Customer must agree to pay MVT for all services supplied to the customer, within 30 days after such items are invoiced. Customer agrees to pay 1.5% per month, annual percentage 18% on all outstanding unpaid balances. Customer agrees to pay all cost and expenses incurred by MVT in connection with the enforcement of any MVT rights hereunder, including MVT right to the collection from customer of any sum due or to become due at any time from the customer.

If necessary to enforce the collection of amount due under this contract, customer agrees to pay all collection cost and charges, including court cost and reasonable attorney’s fees. Payment for invoices shall be the joint responsibility of the entity ordering the services and the entity on whose behalf the same are ordered.

In the event of cancellation MVT will be notified at least 10 days in advance. Upon 10 or more days notice, the full deposit will be refunded. Less then 10 days notice the deposit will be forfeited.

Customer shall pay all shipping cost. In the absence of any insurance and other instructions from the customer, MVT will make shipments via the carrier of its choice subject to that carriers stander insurance rate unless client specifically request in writing additional insurance which in all cases is at customers expense. A handling fee $10.00 dollars or 10% of the shipping cost, which ever is greater will be applied to all shipments MVT processes, which will be added to the final invoice.

Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. MVT has the rights to make these change whenever they see fit and for any reason. This contract supersedes any and all previous verbal or written contracts and is held inviolable unless mutually agreed in writing.

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